Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (Italy) S.r.l. è una società appartenente al gruppo Toshiba con sede a Mezzago (Monza Brianza – Italia)

The company founded in 1993, initially under the name S3, has completely dedicated itself to the development of the creation of IT solutions worldwide for the customers of the Retail market, initially working in synergy with IBM’s Retail Solutions division which later became TGCS.

L’Asset fondamentale dell’azienda sono le applicazioni della Suite VisualStore, che spazia tra le vendite al dettaglio, le promozioni, la fedeltà e i processi self-service. Introdotto inizialmente sul mercato nel 2000, VisualStore, si è evoluto come una ricca soluzione flessibile e completa per i Retailer moderni che operano in diversi ambiti, tra cui Alimentari, Elettronica di consumo e media , General Merchandise, Grandi magazzini e Negozi di specialità.

The basic business skills are an in-depth process know-how of sales processes and operations, software design and development, with specialized programmers and experts in the application of modern technologies that allow to give an optimal response to the store’s front-end operations

TGCS staff is made up of about 90 professionals. A third of the staff is engaged in software development area; for a further software development capacity TGCS also makes use of strategic cooperation with Prosoft Solution Srl of Bucharest. While a competence center is in Singapore to support the Eastern market. In Naples is located a Help Desk structure, where there is a Production Service unit manages the implementation and full support of solutions for the Italian market.

In Italy, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions S.r.l. operates as a Prime Contractor and System Integrator, providing customers with complete solutions that include:
  • Hardware, by Toshiba and other suppliers;
  • Software, by TGCS Italy and other suppliers;
  • Services, including solution design, development and customization, implementation and rollout, after-sale support and Helpdesk.

For the international market, TGCS sells and implement VisualStore Suite applications both directly and through local Business Partners.

VisualStore is successfully implemented in the major Retail Stores in Italy, in Central and Eastern Europe and in Southeast Asia for a total of over 40,000 POS installed. Since the end of 2011 VisualStore is also available in Latin American countries.

The Retail scenarios are continually changing, highlighting consumers increasingly equipped with interconnected IT tools that require implementation and cross-channel access to improve and facilitate customer’s purchases.

At the same time, the traditional stores remain the primary seller’s channel to build the brand image by improving the shopping experience and increasing customer loyalty and support.

TGCS is committed to technological innovation and product development, which is based on an open architecture and a standard industrial approach to anticipate future needs and to offer cutting-edge solutions that provide a competitive advantage to its Retailers.


Via delle Industrie, 31, 20833 Mezzago (MB)

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