VisualStore Server

VisualStore Server is the heart of the entire system, home to all the parameters and store data, manages the checkouts, communication and data exchange between internal and external systems.

VisualStore allows store managers to manage and control cash registers and provides a variety of administrative functions.

This includes data maintenance, a complete group of sales statistics and financial data reports, electronic journal, counting and a powerful promotion definition system. Administrative functions are performed on the VisualStore server which takes advantage of multi-tasking environment. Many functionalities and control functions can also be performed centrally with settings then transmitted to the store.

VisualStore was created by implementing a multi-store architecture that is the ability to manage logical sub-stores from a single VisualStore server.

VisualStore Server uses an effective, intuitive and easy to use menu structure that guides the user through the various functions offered by the system. Access to menu items is selectively controlled and enabled through security policies and authorization levels for user profiles. Each user or group of users sees only the menu items to which it is enabled.

This allows protection and security on sensitive and confidential data. The password system provides standard security methods, encryption protection, periodic reset / expiration and secure compilation of the same. In addition, being a multilingual product, the language shown to the administrative operator (Admin Console) is linked to its identification profile activated at sign-on.