Toshiba VisualStore is a POS platform characterized by a single central core, customizable for the various segments of the retail sector, including food, consumer electronics and media, department stores, specialized stores, multistore chains and store-in-store operations.
It offers centralized management and control that allow retailers to create promotions and manage processes, articles and services from a single point. Furthermore, it is possible to configure and manage remotely workstations POS, Smart Scales, Self-Scanning, Self-Checkout and Self-Payment, design and graphic user interface (GUI) updates included.


Toshiba VisualStore Suite offers a modular set of tools to support promotion and sales activities capable of implementing rich checkout functionalities both on traditional POS stations and on self-service devices located inside the point of sale, all this keeping under control the costs and improving operational efficiency.

Support of sales applications for a variety of devices and contacts points within the point of sale

Flexible and rule-based promotion and campaign management engine

Customizable graphical user interfaces, which allow to the cashiers to learn and manage operating processes with minimal training time and costs

VS Multichannel, da installare nei punti vendita o a livello centrale, che offre funzioni per le operazioni di vendita (gestione del carrello, calcoli di prezzi e promozioni, ecc.) come servizio per altre applicazioni, come app mobile o siti di e- commerce

Centralized control of all the points of sale

Ready for mobile and omni-channel

VisualStore Server

VisualStore Server is the heart of the entire system, home to all the parameters and store data, manages the checkouts, communication and data exchange between internal and external systems.

VisualStore è stato costruito implementando una architettura multi-store cioè la possibilità di gestire sotto-negozi logici da un’unico VisualStore server.


Toshiba provides retailers with complete solutions that has innovative design, optimized for the retail sector and sustainable in the future, to help retailers to differentiate themselves and increase their profitability and gain greater customer acceptance.

Toshiba retail solutions offer:

Cost savings – Designed specifically for the retail sector, to achieve better ROI and TCO.

Better functionality – Allow staff to work with a greater efficiency and foster a better customer experience.

Innovation promotion – Allow the companies to open up to new opportunities in a smart and quick way, thanks to the know-how and to the experience gained in 30 years of leadership in the retail sector.

Flexibility, expansion and growth – They prepare companies in a safe and gradual way for the social and technological transformations that will affect the retail sector in the future.