VisualStore Self Scanning

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The terminal is an innovative mobile device designed for retail self-service shops. Customers independently identify the items purchased by scanning bar codes. This innovation allows to reduce waiting times at checkouts, check prices, locate the items on promotion, and know at any time to the amount of spending and more by using a simple and intuitive interface of the terminal.

VisualStore POS application is executed directly into the mobile terminals. The mobile terminals have Wi-Fi wireless technology.

The display layout of the mobile terminal is configured via Touch Screen Maintenance tool of VisualStore, as for the other POS terminals.

The keyboard of Motorola terminals has 6 buttons disposed on 2 lines of 3 buttons:


Customers are asked to check and confirm their shopping list. The self-scanning transaction is transferred to a cash register and is typically payed by electronic payment (EFT) or by cash.

Self Scan Components:

Self Scan terminals:

Motorola MC17 Datalogic Joya and Zebra MC18 mobile terminals with Windows CE mobile platform.

Handout Stations:

are the nodes where customers can read their loyalty card in order to unlock a mobile terminal and start shopping.

Handback cradle

There are 2 types of Handback terminals:

Connected or not connected to a Pay station, they are cradles where a customer can put back his mobile terminal before to go to pay his shop to a cash register or pay station using his loyalty card.

Mobile gateway:

Are nodes which act as servers for the mobile terminals. They collect synchronization data for the mobile terminals and act as bridges for the communication between mobile terminals and the other nodes of the store.

Self Scanning standalone

The VS Self Scanning standalone system allows to deploy a Self Scanning solution that interface a non-VisualStore system.