VisualStore Server

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VisualStore Server is the heart of the system, it hosts all the store parameters and item data, manages the POS terminals, handles the communications and data exchange with internal and external systems. VisualStore has been built with a multi-store architecture, meaning that multiple logical sub-stores can be managed by a single server.

VisualStore Server allows the store managers to manage and control cash registers providing a range of administrative functions. This includes data maintenance, a complete set of sales statistical reports and final balances for financial data, an electronic journal, metering and a powerful promotions definition system.

Administrative functions are performed on the server with VisualStore running multiple processes in a multi-tasking environment. The management/control of many functions and services can also be performed centrally; settings are then transmitted to the store.

VisualStore Server uses a menu structure which is effective, intuitive and easy to use to guide you through the various functions offered by the system. Accesses to items menu are controlled and selectively enabled through security policies and authorization levels of user profiles. Each user or group can see only the items menu it is enabled to visualize. This provides protection and security on sensitive and confidential data.

Thanks to the password-protected system, the standard security, encryption and reset/compilation procedures are regular and secure. In addition, being VisualStore a multilanguage product, the language displayed depends on the operator profile activated at the sign-on time.

In the following picture some VisualStore server implementation scenarios are showed: