VisualStore Loyalty

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VisualStore Loyalty is the optional VisualStore Suite central application aimed to manage the loyalty cards. The module allows the recording of loyal customers, their profiles and association in groups (clusters), the management of the entire life cycle of the loyalty card, the definition of targeted promotions to specific customer groups, the management of points accumulation, the circular use of loyalty points and the sending of promotional information to customers via e-mail and SMS / MMS.

Furthermore, in order to ensure the possibility to verify the accuracy over time of individually applied promotion transactions, the accumulation of bonus points, the enabling of the customer buying behavior analysis and the effectiveness of promotional campaigns, VisualStore Loyalty includes also a systematic mechanism to capture and store historical sales data generated by stores.

In the “online” solution (loyalty standard implementation), all customer loyalty information is directly accessible in real time on the VisualStore Loyalty Central server from each store. This operational mode allows the use of cards in each store with full functionalities, but requires the presence of an adequate network infrastructure.

VisualStore Messaging

In addition to the VisualStore Loyalty application, there is an optional messaging system that allows you to automatically inform loyal customers on the promotional activities directed to the cluster they are in and included into micro-marketing initiatives activated by sending e-mail or SMS/MMS.