VisualStore Promotion

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VisualStore includes an extremely powerful and flexible Promotion engine, based on a sophisticated system of rules, which enables retailers to individually define and run a wide range of offers and promotional campaigns into the sales points.

VisualStore promotions are executed by the “promotion engine”, included into the VisualStore POS application and run directly on the POS or on the self-service terminals. This may also work completely in offline mode, using data stored on the POS terminals and periodically synchronized with the store and with headquarters servers.

The outline of the general architecture is as follows:

VisualStore Promotion is an optional module that enables the centralized management of VisualStore promotions. The application allows you to define, distribute and control from a central point, in an effective and consistent way, the execution of all promotions and campaigns for the entire network of stores.

Once set, VisualStore Promotion lets you distribute promotions to all the remote stores, selectively or specifically to those concerned, through the generation and transmission of XML files to be imported into the VisualStore Servers of the store. The Validity Period establishes the start and end date for any promotion.

The following picture shows the main functionality of the VS Promotion subsystem

VisualStore Gift Cards is an optional module of VisualStore Promotions that manages prepaid cards that can be used as a tender for subsequent purchases within the store network.