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    VisualStore Suite is a family of rich and advanced application solutions covering the operational needs of modern retail outlets in the world, with particular regard to selling processes, promotional campaigns and customer loyalty initiatives.

    The suite consists of a series of modular and integrated components, which can be implemented in a gradual and flexible way depending on the present and future specific needs of Retailers.

    In particular, the Suite is a platform designed to provide an opportunity for both horizontal and vertical gradual expansions. The horizontal expansion concerns the growing range of devices and customer interaction points; the vertical expansion involves the enrichments of the centralized control, managing functionalities and network operations.

    The functional richness and high configurability and flexibility of VisualStore makes possible its adoption and use in a variety of different market sectors, with particular regard to:

    • grocery

    • supermarket/hypermarket

    • general merchandising

    • electronic and media

    • specialty shops

    • department stores

    • multi-concept stores

    This is especially useful for retailers working with most of the brands and sizes, as VisualStore allows you to manage different deployment scenarios with a single independent server.

    Typical examples are sports shops or dining services combined with a supermarket in a shopping center.

    VisualStore architecture is based on a multiplatform approach, with a variety of operating systems and supported databases, based on open standards to ensure the maximum interoperability with other trading systems and back-end applications.

    VisualStore is available in the major Western languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, etc…) and can be easily translated into other languages thanks to the NLS support and the UNICODE implementation, which can also handle non-alphabetic languages (e.g. Chinese, Japanese). VisualStore also supports the multilanguage operating mode within the same store.

    VisualStore is available in non-fiscal and fiscal configurations; for the Italian market in particular the Suite includes a module for the transmission of fiscal data to the Tax Government Agency.

    VisualStore capabilities includes the multistore logic, which allows you to define and manage multiple stores or shops using a single server, each one with its own structure of departments, articles, prices, promotions, user profiles, operating parameters, routines, data import/export, reports, etc. VisualStore includes a Touch Screen designer tool used to create and activate graphical interfaces for all the devices in the store (standard Pos, scales, self-checkout, self-scan etc).

    VisualStore comes with a Document Formatter tool, so that retailers can customise POS documents, including receipts, invoices and credit notes, without labour-intensive coding, a Report Generator is included into the base product and enable the creation of store-specific reports.

    Additionally, Software Development Kits are available for EFT, printer and loyalty systems integration.

    VisualStore comes standard with a flexible, rules-based Promotions Engine that helps retailers respond to on demand customer needs: special offers, loyalty points programs, discounts and other promotions can be set up and rolled out quickly and easily. As a result, new marketing strategies can reach stores rapidly, helping retailers to maximize sales opportunities.

    The base system components are the VisualStore server which runs on a relational database (Oracle or DB2) and the POS terminal, even though an ALL-IN-ONE system configuration is also available (POS Server and POS terminal running on the same machine).

    Front end POS can be deployed using minimal requirements for both POS system memory and processor speed, giving the possibility to reuse existing hardware and peripherals.

    The POS terminal supports a large number of peripherals, such as scales (Dialog 6 protocol), printers, dual monitors and coin dispensers. All the POS terminals types can operate in offline mode in case of network connectivity problems.

    Visual Store can be directly managed from the VisualStore Server console or one or more Admin Clients can be installed to manage all store aspects without acting directly on the server for security reasons.

    Its open platform offers retailers a choice between running Microsoft Windows XP, Linux Slepos or DOS at the POS, and Microsoft Windows or Linux on the store server.

    The modular and integrated structure of VisualStore Suite allows to create customer solutions that can cover complex end-to-end approaches of business processes. In particular there is the possibility to implement a circular process to completely support the definition and management of marketing campaigns, sales promotions and customer loyalty.

    VisualStore also supports interfaces to many other systems:

    Back office systems, such as merchandise management or EFT server.

    Host systems using interface files or XML run time interfaces.

    Info Points, such as kiosks.

    Scale subsystems used in delicatessen or meat departments or for self service environments. Supports Mettler and Bizerba scales.