Together Commerce is Toshiba’s vision for retailer-consumer

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

TGCS is retail’s first choice for integrated in-store solutions. The leading supplier of point-of-sale

systems with a worldwide install base larger than any three major

competitors combined, Toshiba is committed to delivering innovative

commerce solutions that transform checkout, provide seamless consumer

interactions and optimize retail operations. With a global team of dedicated

business partners, Toshiba provides end-to-end solutions, service and support

that help clients meet virtually any retail technology need.

The background

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is the formal name of the business

created when Toshiba TEC acquired IBM’s Retail Store Solutions overall

business operation functions globally, including development, sales and related

in-store maintenance. IBM maintains a 19.9 percent stake in the business.

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is an IBM Premier Business Partner

for Smarter Commerce.

The leadership

The business is led by Steven D. Ladwig, former general manager of Retail

Store Solutions and now President and CEO of Toshiba Global Commerce

Solutions. The former RSS executive team has been maintained and expanded

following the move to Toshiba.

The business

The company is headquartered in Research Triangle Park, N.C.,

with sales offices throughout the world. There are approximately 1,000

employees working for Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. TGCS does

business in 114 countries worldwide.

The partners

A global business partner program – the Together Commerce Alliance – helps

to take Toshiba’s retail solutions to market. There are more than 80 distributors

and more than 700 other partners in the Together Commerce Alliance.

The portfolio

TGCS’s solution portfolio spans a comprehensive range of store technology,

from point-of-sale terminals to digital signage, from retailed-hardened

operating systems to till displays and printers. High profile recent launches

include TCxWave, a stylish new in-store unit that can be configured as POS,

kiosk or self-service unit, and TCxGravity, a game-changing new software

platform designed to provide a seamless in-store extension to the cross-channel

customer journey. TGCS solutions serve a broad range of retail environments,

including grocery, mass merchandising, hospitality, specialty, convenience and

department stores.

Together Commerce

Together Commerce is Toshiba’s vision for retailer-consumer

engagement. It captures both the changing face of global retail

and the way Toshiba is helping retailers adapt their strategies,

their stores and their technology to support a seamless, more

customer-centric shopping experience.

Toshiba believes retailers simply cannot afford to ignore

fundamental shifts in customer expectations. The store remains

a vital part of consumer engagement but in a world of crosschannel

interactions and ubiquitous mobile connectivity, it is

danger of being left behind. A consumer population brought

up on online transactions and social engagement will simply

not put up with the artificial constraints inherent in traditional

retailing. Customers will vote with their feet – and take their

wallets with them.

Retailers must adapt their strategies, their stores and their

technology to meet this change. The emphasis has moved

from “selling” to “buying” – and stores must change accordingly.

Retailers must recognize the need to engage with customers

not just at a discrete “point-of-sale” but throughout the

customer journey – from online and social sourcing, through

physical in-store browsing, to delivery and returns – and do

so in a consistent, helpful and above all seamless way.

The store can no longer be considered a channel for sales:

it is a portal for commerce.

Together Commerce is about defining and optimizing such new

participatory customer engagement. It is about adapting the

physical store environment to support a more flexible, customercentric

shopping experience. And, crucially, it means the software

and systems that support in-store transactions must work

seamlessly – not just with each other, but also with the retailer’s

enterprise functions – to enrich the customer experience.

  • ——Customers who feel they truly participate in the retail experience…
  • ——A new class of stores that support flexible, engaging customer experiences…
  • Seamless integration of data across the customer journey and optimized, sustainable investment in retail technology…
  • ——… That’s Together Commerce.

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